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The dragons on the left, are from our personal glass collection, a 19th Century, Venetian Glass candelabra from the furnaces of Salviati Dott. Antonio, The Venice and Murano Glass Company Limited (Salviati & C.), with a circa date of 1890-1900 (possibly earlier). This piece which we use as our logo, has a very interesting history, which you can read in its entirety, as well as view additional photos of the dragons, on our website,, and by placing the word, "dragon" in the search box on the first page of our catalog.

It's our intention to create this site for the benefit, information, and pleasure of those who have an interest in art glass, in general. However, because the author's favorite art glass is Venetian, there will often be examples of this type of glass, and lots of "Venetian glass" discussion.

We hope to keep this fairly casual, so there's no particular order in which you will find information here. Nor will posts be made on a regular basis, rather as time permits. So please check the site often for new information, photos, and discussion. The whole format may even take on a different shape. Whatever the future of the site, we're looking forward to it.

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