Saturday, January 13, 2007

Francesco Ferro & Figlio, Rare Vase, Semi-Precious Stones

Looking as if it were only just excavated from an ancient spa, shaped to perfection, with a trumpet neck, outstanding side handles, gourd-shaped body, and large ball-knop stem. A very rare piece of glass attributed to Francesco Ferro & Figlio, Murano, Italy, created in opaque glass in imitation of semi-precious stones......

there are murrhine bits which resemble coral, carnelian, and varying shades of onyx and turquoise. Also glistening brightly, is a large amount of included, real, copper Aventurine which is distributed throughout the piece.

The photo of the foot reveals a quite generous fold on the underside, as well as the remnants of the original pontil scar. Height of this piece is just over 9 inches, with the largest diameter being 4 inches, and for reference, the foot is 2 and three-quarter inches in diameter.

Other similar glass of the 19th Century, although more swirled and less defined "stones," was glass referred to as "agate," "schmelze," and "opal glass," or "opaline (in solid colors without murrhine pieces)," all in elegant and beautifully successful attempts to imitate natural stone. The circa date of this wonderful Venetian glass vase, is 1880. [click on photos to enlarge]

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